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One School One Book

With One School, One Book, Emerson Primary and Longfellow Primary Schools are united by the excitement of delving into one book together. Reading a book together brings the added joy of building and expanding a sense of community among students, families, teachers, and staff.

Our Book

Book cover for Stink-The Incredible Shrinking Kid


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One School, One Book is a movement to engage families in the act of reading! Students at Emerson Primary and Longfellow Primary will receive a free book to read with their families over a period of two weeks. Each night, families will read a chapter at home, together—this could be the child reading to the adults, the adults reading to the child, the child reading to their siblings, reading to a relative who lives far away over Facetime or video chat—however it happens, the idea is to bring everyone together and share in the joy of reading

We know our families have busy lives and actually sitting down to read can be a challenge some days so we're inviting members of our community to read a chapter for us! You can find the videos below when One School One Book is underway! 

We also have some community partners who are offering special treats when students bring their book to their shops! Check out all of the fun surrounding One School One Book below! 


Click on the video chapter below to see it play to the right! 

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