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Logos & Branding

The Sidney City Schools brand goes far beyond a logo, typefaces and color palettes. It defines who we are. It’s in every message we send and every personal encounter we experience on behalf of our district. 


The Communications Department has created resources in order to streamline the brand. The following resources are available for download in PNG file format.

Brand Elements

Because a brand is more than a mark or logo, please use the following brand elements that make up Sidney City Schools. 

  • Colors
    • Yellow - PMS 116C
      RGB: 255 / 210 / 0
      CMYK: 1% / 16% / 99% / 0%
      Hex (web): #ffd200
    • Black 
      RGB: 0 / 0 / 0
      CMYK: 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
      Hex (web): #000000
    • Cream - (white alternative)
      RGB: 255 / 250 / 250
      CMYK: 0% / 1.48% / .38% / 0%
      Hex(web): #fffafa
  • Typefaces
  • Hashtags
    • #jacketpride, #sidneycityschools #jacketprideiscommunitypride #wearejackets 
  • Email Signatures
    • In Outlook, click the settings gear. Within the Mail settings. Find the ability to edit your signature under Compose & Reply. 
    • Signature Detail:


      Sidney City Schools
      Phone Number  | Extension  |  #jacketpride


If you need assistance with these resources or a different file format, please contact Tiffany Rank, Communications Coordinator, at

If you are a staff member of the district and need help designing anything — poster, flyer, social media post for your club, etc., please reach out to Tiffany for help! 

Which File Do I Use?

Use .PNG for websites, PowerPoint or Slides presentations, and social media. A .PNG is an image that has no image loss when originally saved and can have a transparent background. This makes it ideal for the web.

Use .JPG for newsletters, flyers, Word or Google documents, brochures, cards, labels, decals, small signs.

Use .EPS for banners, flags, large posters, coffee mugs, T-shirts, large signage, tradeshow displays and exhibits, vehicle graphics, water bottles, frisbees, bags. The .EPS format is primarily for large-scale printing and print houses. Most print designers and printing companies are familiar with the .EPS extension. This is also called a vector graphic.

Need a JPG, EPS, or other file format? Contact the Communications Department.