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May 25, 2021

Sack Lunch 

   Conditions: Fair
High Today: 87
Low Today: 67

                                                           SMS Birthdays 
                                                             Bubby Harris
                                                             Austin Heaton
                                                            Zerah Roesser
                                                            Tayton Snider
                                                            Jocelyn White                                                                  
                                                    All Summer Birthdays!                                                                      
1.  School fees can be paid in the office.  They are $35 per school year.

2.  Lost lunch bags may be found in the auditeria hanging on the wall.  

3. The lost and found table is in the front lobby and all items will be disposed of or donated if not claimed by this Friday.  Smaller items--eyeglasses, phones, jewelry--are kept in the office.  Please ask.

4. Students' medicines should be picked up in the office before June 11.  Medicines not claimed will be disposed of.

5.  We have information in the office for the following:  football, boys' basketball, cross country, Summer Rec program, 8th graders interested in summer school PE/Health.  

6. It is time to turn in all library books.

7.  The 8th grade clapout is at 2:40.  Parents may line the front lobby at 2:35.  Students disperse in the lobby, depending on which set of doors they need to exit.

The doors open at 7:10.  All students must be in their seats by 7:30 a.m.

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May 25 - Last Student Day of School