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Sidney City Schools
Longfellow Honors Veterans 2022
10-11 year old students play tug of war.
Heave ho!

Northwood Intermediate students take part in tug-of-war during their end of year Fun & Field Day! 

five kindergarten-age students stand in a line outside of school.
School's In!

Emerson Primary kindergartners are excited for the school year! 

A little girl stands in front of a play kitchen at preschool
P is for Play

At Whittier Early Childhood Center, children develop an excitement for learning through a play-based, multi-sensory approach. 

Sidney City Schools

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A preschool-age boy with blonde curly hair plays with trains at school.

Sidney City Schools is proud to offer preschool to children ages 3-5, serving both students with disabilities and their typically developing peers. Whittier Early Childhood Center nurtures the development of early learning through play and social interaction, preparing our preschoolers for kindergarten success. 

On December 16, Whittier Early Childhood Center will hold a preschool screening for students who are ready to enroll. These students will be ready to start at Whittier beginning January 3. 

Families who are NEW to Whittier Early Childhood Center begin the registration process by completing the pre-registration form at

  • Preschool
  • Whittier Early Childhood Center

Sidney High School students are invited to pre-order their 2022-2023 yearbook. Each yearbook costs $60. 
Pre-order now -

  • Sidney High School
Hall of Honor 2021 - Kris Haines, Maggi Williams, Amy Zorn

Sidney City Schools is pleased to announce the 28th annual Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony set to take place Saturday, October 22, 2022. A gymnasium reception will precede the induction ceremony beginning at 6:00 PM; the ceremony will begin at 7:00 PM in the Sidney High School Auditorium. 

“It is our honor to recognize these three outstanding people for their successes and contributions to the world around them,” said Hall of Honor Chairman, Rudy Keister. 

The Hall of Honor Committee reconvened to celebrate the HOH class of  2020 in the spring and is proud to turn around and honor the class of 2021 this fall. Those inducted include former football player, David “Kris” Haines (SHS 1975), retired Sidney High teacher, coach, and Associate Athletic Director Margaret “Maggi” Williams (SHS 1973), and outstanding educator and community servant Amy Zorn (SHS 1973). 

“Each year we have been able to present an array of outstanding inductees to the Hall and this year is no different,” added Keister. “This year’s class of inductees has ambitiously touched the lives of many through their athletic skill and educational impact.”

  • Hall of Honor


At A Glance

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Student Enrollment

Our district is made up of approximately 3,300 students, 6 schools, 200 teachers, and 150 support staff such as aides, custodians, bus drivers, cooks, and secretaries. Each school also has a security officer or SRO and a trained emergency response team for student and staff safety.


Extra-Curricular Activities & Programs

Starting as early as fifth and sixth grade, we offer our students a variety of boys, girls, and co-ed sports and provide our students the opportunity to become members and leaders of clubs. Students may also choose to become involved in our highly successful music program by taking band, choir, or orchestra.


Preschool Students

Early childhood education lays the groundwork for the development of a lifelong learner. Whittier Early Childhood Center staff strive to support the whole child by providing learning opportunities in all areas of development including social-emotional skills and academic foundations. 


CCP & AP Courses

Sidney High School offers its students more than 15 college credit plus and advanced placement courses, allowing students to take and earn credit for college-level courses while staying at Sidney High School. Some students are able to obtain an associate's degree in tandem with their high school diploma. 

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