Final Forms Registration

2020-2021 School Year Last Updated: 8/19/2020 3:49 PM



Welcome to Sidney City Schools! If you are new to the district or re-enrolling after attending another school district, please be sure to follow the instructions for NEW REGISTRATION below. 


Sidney City Schools utilizes online registration through Final Forms Online Registration. In addition to the traditional registration forms - contact, emergency medical, agreements, etc. - Final Forms allows expanded use of this information for athletics and other extracurricular activities and clubs.


All parents/students are required to review their forms each year online and sign off on the information within Final Forms. 


Students will not receive teacher assignments or class schedules until online registration is complete. Students whose registrations are not complete by the first day of school will be sent to the school’s gymnasium until Final Forms online registration is complete.


Anyone requiring direct assistance in completing the online registration through Final Forms may visit the board of education office (750 S Fourth Avenue) during its regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm.




To enroll in the district for the first time, please bring the following documentation to the Sidney City Schools Board of Education Office at 750 S. Fourth Avenue.

  • Student's Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residency (rental agreement, pay stub, mortgage/lease, utility bill)
  • Custody Documentation (as applicable)
  • Records Request (if coming from another school district)
  • Parent/Guardian Photo ID

You will not be enrolled until you have provided all of the required documentation and we have a signed Records Request from a parent or guardian. 

Upon doing this, you will be asked to complete Final Forms Online Registration at 




To enroll your child in preschool for the first time, please visit If you do not have any other children in the district and have never used Final Forms for Sidney City Schools, please create a new parent account. Once your parent account is created, you will add your preschool student. The preschool may reach a point where your child is waitlisted. If that happens, you will be notified.


When enrolling for the new school year, all new preschool children will be screened - various teachers and therapists will play with your child to determine if they are developmentally on track or if they need further assessment. You will be contacted to come for a screening time. At your screening appointment, you will be asked to submit copies of the above items listed under New Registration. If you have any questions, you can always call the Board of Education office at 937-497-2200. 


All typically developing preschool registrations will be asked to pay a $25 registration fee. Should your family qualify for a reduced tuition rate, you will also be asked to supply a copy of your most recent tax documents for income verification. 




If you are a re-enrolling student transferring/returning to the district after having already registered online using Final Forms, please call the Central Registration Department at the Board of Education Office - 937-497-2200 -  to reactivate your account. You will have to go into Final Forms to verify your information again before being able to re-enroll. 




If you are a current student (attended the previous school year), you will have to review, verify, and sign off on the information within Final Forms each year prior to the start of the school year. Students will not receive a schedule until their forms are signed off on. To access your forms, please visit Select Parent login. For some grades, both parents and students will have to sign off on things, therefore students will select Student to login. 




If your child's contact information should change throughout the school year, it's important that you notify their school. You can call or email your child's school office at your convenience, or you can fill out the Change of Address form below and have your child bring it to school. If your address changes, you may be asked to resubmit proof of residency documentation. 


Change of Address Form


It is important that the school has up to date records on your child for the purpose of emergency notifications, school closings/delays, communication regarding grade cards, etc. 





If you intend to withdraw your child from Sidney City Schools, please contact your child's building secretary or principal to notify them of your intent to withdraw. It is important we receive a records request from your child's new school before we officially withdraw them.  




Shamara Foy
Central Registration Clerk


Sidney City Schools welcomes students from outside of the district for open enrollment. Those interested in open enrolling their child into Sidney City Schools may call the Board of Education at 937-497-2200