Daily Schedule

Regular Schedule

Period 1: 7:35a—8:22a
Period 2: 8:26a—9:14a
BREAK: 9:14a—9:24a
Period 3: 9:24a—10:11a
Period 4: 10:15a—11:02a
Period 5A: 11:02a—11:32a (Lunch)
                  11:36a—12:32p (Class)
Period 5B: 11:06a—11:32a (Class
                  11:32a—12:02p (Lunch)
                  12:06a—12:32p (Class)
Period 5C: 11:06a—12:02a (Class)
                  12:02p—12:32p (Lunch)
Period 6: 12:36p—1:23p
Period 7: 1:27p—2:15p
STUDY/CLUB: 2:15p—2:30p

Pledge at the beginning of 2nd period.
Break includes second breakfast.
TV announcements during 5th period.

2-Hour Delay Schedule

Period 1: 9:35a—10:07a
Period 2: 10:11a—10:43a
Period 5A: 10:43a—11:13a (Lunch)
                  11:17a—12:13p (Class)
Period 5B: 10:47a—11:13a (Class)
                  11:13a—11:43a (Lunch)
                  11:47a—12:13p (Class)
Period 5C: 10:47a—11:43a (Class)
                  11:43a—12:13p (Lunch)
Period 3: 12:17p—12:47p
Period 4: 12:51p—1:21p
Period 6: 1:25p—1:55p
Period 7: 1:59p—2:30p

2-Hour Early Release Schedule

Period 1: 7:35a—8:06a
Period 2: 8:10a—8:41a
Period 3: 8:45a—9:16a
Period 4: 9:20a—9:51a
Period 6: 9:55a—10:26a
Period 7: 10:30a—11:00a
Period 5A: 11:00a—11:30a (Lunch)
                  11:34a—12:30p (Class)
Period 5B: 11:04a—11:30a (Class)
                  11:30a—12:00p (Lunch)
                  12:04a—12:30p (Class
Period 5C: 11:04a—12:00a (Class)
                  12:00a—12:30p (Lunch)

30-Minute Pep Assembly Schedule

Period 1: 7:35a—8:20a
Period 2: 8:24a—9:09a
BREAK: 9:09a—9:17a
Period 3: 9:17a—10:02a
Period 4: 10:006a—10:51a
Period 5A: 10:51a—11:21a (Lunch)
                  11:25a—12:21p (Class)
Period 5B: 10:55a—11:21a (Class)
                  11:21a—11:51a (Lunch)
                  11:56a—12:21p (Class)
Period 5C: 10:55a—11:51a (Class)
                  11:51a-12:21p (Lunch)
Period 7: 12:25p—1:10p
Period 7: 1:14p—2:00p
ASSEMBLY: 2:00p—2:30p