Business Operations

Jerry Harmon
Manager of Business Operations

The Business Operations department strives to keep our students and staff comfortable and secure; to maintain clean, well-lit, and operationally efficient buildings; to provide nutritious lunches; to ensure safe and efficient transportation.

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The Transportation Department is responsible for the daily operation of the district's 21 buses and 4 vans. They coordinate and supervise the safe transportation of 964 students over 1,250 total miles every school day.


The Maintenance Department is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of all of the district's real and mechanical property.

Facility Rental

As a community service, Sidney City Schools offers a facility rental program. Facilities are open for public use when it does not conflict with the needs of the school. The fee schedule for rentals has been established to cover the costs of operations and maintenance needs.

The district is currently developing Facility Rental Permit Guidelines. All facility rental questions can be directed to Beth Raterman at 937-497-2222 or by email at

Food Services

The Food Services Department develops the menus and supervises the cooks for each of the district's buildings as well as completes and files the many state and federal reports required. 

Department Contact Information

Jerry Harmon, Manager of Business Operations

Beth Raterman, Operations Administrative Assistant

Joni Renner, Transportation Coordinator

Jason McLain, Director of Food Services and Operations

Shamara Foy, Operations and Food Services Administrative Assistant

Bid Documents

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Items & Equipment for Sale

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